Bee Natural Spicy Ginger Muscle Rub

Bee Natural Spicy Ginger Muscle Rub
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A tepid and spicy blend of ginger, sweet marjoram and lavender essential oils, formulated to counteract the pain induced by overworked or cold muscles, arthritis, rheumatism and stiffness. The natural solution for warmth and relief.

Ingredient Guide:

Ginger - Zingiber Officinal
A heating, spicy essential oil that stimulates the small blood capillaries close to the skins surface, thereby bringing warmth.

Marjoram Sweet - Origanum Majorana
Relaxes and soothes aching muscles and stimulates blood circulation, thereby improving skin tone.

Lavender - Lavandula Augustifolia
A natural analgesic and calmer of discomfort in the body.

Directions for use: Massage onto affected twice daily or as otherwise desired.

Available in the following sizes: 100ml

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