Bee Natural Hand Rescue Balm

Bee Natural Hand Rescue Balm
Bee Natural Hand Rescue Balm
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Bee Naturals Gardner's Hand rescue balm is extremely effective in repairing and restoring cracked, hardworking hands that have been dried out or damaged by the harsh elements of nature. Beeswax, being a natural hydrating agent will soak hands in moisture, sealing it into the skin. Avocado oil, rich in vitamin E, feeds damaged cells with a concentrate of nutrients and anti-oxidants, fueling them to recovery. Raw honey, containing strong anti-bacterial properties, will form a line of defense, protecting cuts and open cracks from bacteria and grime picked up in the garden. The product is 100% natural, containing only the highest quality avocado oil, sunflower oil, beeswax, and raw honey. It is very pliable; therefore a tiny blob can be worked into both your hands, providing lasting moisture that will withstand heavy work and frequent contact with water. It is recommended to use this balm in conjunction with our foot and hand file, which gently files off rough surface of skin that is dry or dead. Bee Natural's Gardener's hand rescue cream is essential to keeping hard working green fingers in tip top condition.

Available in the following sizes: 100ml, 300ml

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