Bee Natural Capillary Repair & Body Toning Butter

Bee Natural Capillary Repair & Body Toning Butter
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Especially formulated to strengthen weak blood vessels, helps improve tone and elasticity of skin thereby fighting unsightly cellulite.

Ingredient Guide:

Rose Absolute Essential Oil: usefull on all skin types, specially mature, dry and sensitive skins; strengthens capillaries.

Geranium Essential Oil: Usefull on all skin types as it has a balancing effect on the sebaceous glands; improves blood flow thereby enlivening the skin, improving the condition of skin and capillaries.

Lemon Essential Oil: Cleanses and brightens the skin through the removal of dead skin cells; smoothens out broken capillaries.

Cypress Essential Oil: Has a balancing effect on the skin and helps improve elasticity of the veins and moisture in the skin.

Carrot Oil: Has a strengthening effect on the red blood vessels, adds tone and elasticity to the skin; rich in Vitamin A which stimulated cell renewal.

Available in the following sizes: 500ml

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