Bee Natural Body Butter - Neroli

Bee Natural Body Butter - Neroli
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This extension of Bee Natural's Head to Toe Healing Balm has been adapted and softened for extensive use as a creamy, rich body butter. The addition of either orange, vanilla and cinnamon, lavender, lemongrass or peppermint essential oils have been added to the base mixture of beeswax, avocado oil, sunflower oil and raw honey. Lavender and lemongrass essential oil will soothe your skin whilst orange, vanilla and cinnamon and peppermint essential oil will gently stimulate and refresh your skin. Beeswax, being a natural hydrating agent will increase and retain the natural moisture in dry skin. Avocado oil, laden in vitamin E, is a potent aid in reducing stretch marks and scars. Bee Natural's Body Butter is essential to a glowing, healthy skin.

Available in the following sizes: 200ml, 1 Litre bucket (Vanilla & Cinnamon only)

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