Bee Natural Head to Toe Healing and Beauty Balm

Bee Natural Head to Toe Healing and Beauty Balm
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This is the original balm containing beeswax, avocado oil, sunflower oil and raw honey. The healing properties in beeswax and honey, combined with the high concentration of vitamin E in avocado oil make this balm the best way to nourish, beautify and heal:

- Cracked heels ( use with Bee Natural's foot file ) 
- Mild to severe burns
- After-sun
- Baby body and nappy rash cream
- Cracked and bleeding nipples
- Spider bites, boils, pimples ect
- Itchy piles, eczema and diabetic sores
- Nourishes and lifts tired, try looking facial skin
- Cracked and sore lips
- Speeds up healing process of scars and sores
- Fabulous body massage cream
- Athletes foot and thrush 
- Soothes itchy bites and chicken pox
- Skin recovering from laser treatment or tattoo removal
- Diminishes sun spots and reduces cancerous spots

This balm has formed the base for our other products which have been enhanced to target specific aspects of healing and beautifying. It is ideal for sensitive skin that cannot handle the harsh chemicals found in most skin care products. The balm is gentle and mild yet very powerful and often a lot more effective than synthetic and chemical laden ointments. 

Beeswax is remarkably effective in rapidly healing and reconstructing skin that has been burnt- even in severe cases. As an after-sun the balm soothes swollen skin and reduces the severity of peeling and blisters. It comes as no surprise that beeswax is used extensively in burn units as it provides the skin with every substance needed to heal and repair itself. Bee Natural's Head to Toe Healing balm is affordable, effective for multiple purposes and goes a long way.

The uses of this balm don't stop here. It has effectively been used to heal a variety of animal skin complaints and wounds, providing them with great relief and comfort. It can also be used as a versatile hoof care balm as it hardens soft hooves that are sensitive and tender after having their shoes removed. The anti fungal properties of beeswax protect the hooves against thrush and fast spreading infection. The balm has also been used to seal the sun burnt scales of international showing koi fish and to prevent fungal infections from flaring up between scales.

Bee Natural's Head to Toe Healing Balm is essential to every aspect of natural healing and beautifying.

Available in the following sizes: 30ml, 50ml, 125ml, 250ml, 1 Litre bucket

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